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posted Dec 26, 2012, 10:52 AM by David Khorram   [ updated Dec 26, 2012, 10:58 AM ]


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Recently we were asked to help a cllient t with their CrowdFunding portal development .

                                           " I am still putting together my team, and looking for qualified developers.  Does your site have access to a network of developers that would be interested in learning more about new types of crowdfunding models?  If so, I would love to discuss with them further and see if they would like to become involved."

 In 2011,  we decided to focus on CrowdFunding  marketing, PR , education and its consultation . The portal business is extremely lucrative but  we wanted to wait for for CrowdFunding equity based to mature ( 2013 -2014 ) . We reserve the name , started working on our daily education on the subject and to make sure,  we learn from the pioneers  .
We are in hibernation state at this time but we would like to share our research , best practices, development  and cost reduction methods 

In the process, We learned how to develop CrowdFunding portals  ;
  • With a CrowdSourced  team to reduce the cost 
    • Mange the change control effectively and with less cost 
  • How to customize the portal  using standard OS and data base engine  ( Linux, PHPMysql to reduce the cost 
  • How to hosted in USA cloud based  elastic server and storage for security and  to reduce  the cost 
    • Amazon engines and storage
    • Google app engine and storage ( Sql ) 

Depends on what level of programming  team one can have or can mange,  there are different ways to approach CrowdFunding portal development and deployment .
  1. Hire a team in USA and start from scratch 
  2. Rent / lease  a crowdfunding  website ( pre developed but ready for customization )  ( White Label Crowdfunding Software for Startup Crowdfunding Portals ) 
  3. CrowdSource a team  and mange the project deliverable
  4. Buy these and negotiate and  contract out its  customization. Good for expert and experimentation :



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