CrowdFunding Science Fiction Movie Planning and Example

posted Apr 7, 2013, 12:15 PM by David Khorram   [ updated Apr 7, 2013, 1:56 PM ]

Iron Sky is a crowdfunding Science fiction movie example                                                          

Iron Sky a movie suppported by crowdfunding takes place at the end of the Second World War, and Nazi scientists have discovered a new breakthrough in anti-gravity. From a secret base in the Antarctic, Nazi spaceships were launched in late 1945 in order to find a new military base on the dark side of the moon. This military base was created to build an exemplary invasion fleet and return once again to take over Earth when they felt that the time was right. It is now 2018, and Americans have decided to once again land on the moon. However, the Nazi invasion, that has been over 70 years in the making, is on its way and the world is about to discover its doom.

The movie is an upcoming fun, dark, science fiction movie. Filmed primarily in English, the Finnish-German-Australian co-producers, had a budget of roughly €7.5 million to create this film. They have been able to garner about €6.3 million through traditional film funding channels, but are striving to cover €900,000 of this budget with crowdfunding. This is a way of financing movies from volunteers who will sell IS merchandise, pre-orders, as well as offer others a chance to take part in the movie project via an investment possibility. What this means, is that you can take part in this movie project by investing a small amount of money, but you will also share in all of the future profits from this upcoming movie. Investments start at only €1000, and include excellent benefits, such as meeting the cast members and more.

Posted from: producers also signed up for a large number of social media outlets, including Facebook , Twitter, YouTube and MySpace. In addition to all of these, they have a discussion forum as well, so all fans will be able to find Iron Sky from anywhere in the world. They also have a Wikipedia page, an entry on IMDB , and a superb collaborative of Spotify playlists, so you can add your own reference music or just enjoy the office play list. You can also participate in the making of Iron Sky, at a communal moviemaking website called 'Wreck a Movie'. Discover for yourself the fun, excitement and thrill of Iron Sky, either through social media outlets, financial support through this method of producing a movie, or just watch all of the trailers, previews and find out more about it on the Internet.
-Need I say more, the true potential for an upcoming Science fiction movie and Sciencefiction-quality Have signed up for a 1000 euro part to see our name in the credits :)

Update- update! Read the latest info on Iron Sky and the Business