CrowdFunding project and campaign advertising and promotion as a tool to raise fund through recession and our unsustainable economy

posted Apr 2, 2014, 10:37 AM by David Khorram   [ updated Apr 2, 2014, 11:08 AM ]
By David Khorram

Our Economy and recession have created the sharing economy trend. We clearly see entrepreneurs faced with an unsustainable economy, we have been trying to establish new channels to generate and exchange ideas and values.

Investing in people with good idea is a very bad idea since Interesting ideas are in abundance, but the people needed to back them up are on short supply and people that can make them to come to life are in seriously short supply.

Portal such as Pave and Upstart each have their unique approach but they need to address the issue in its inspection.

We receive more than 60+ calls, emails or form requests from entrepreneurs on daily basis asking for help. Our charter is to invest in entrepreneurs through education, promotion and consulting (free or at a low cost). We also empower them with Google business solutions ( faster , more efficient at no cost or low cost)

These are the top three (3) comments and questions, we receive.

1- I have a good idea but do not have the bootstrap fund to start;

 a) CrowdFundinh project and campaign development

2-  I have a good idea but do not know how to start my Crowdfunding

3- I know my objectives but do not know where are my audience. I do not know how to raise the crowd follower and investors? People do not know I exist :)

Last three years, we have worked to respond to the above and come up with solutions for each of them and many others in order to be part of the solution. Thus we have found many ways to invest in people and have had many success.

We believe 99% of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.

We believe the solution is in CrowdFunding advertising and CrowdFunding promotion 

Solution are : 

1- Bootstrap fund: Original Investor -

2- Do not know where to start - &

3- Do not know where are my audience -

Following is a list of  solution and portal we have designed to assist entrepreneurs with range of  CrowdFunding advertising and CrowdFunding promotion  challenges that they may have ;

  • (pre and during CrowdFunding promotional services)
  • (Knowledge sharing)
  • (CrowdFunding E-learning and LMS. The best place to start learning CrowdFunding)
  • (CrowdFunding think tank)
  • (Fund raising - Bootstrapping)
  • (pre launch sand box - beta version - see a sample Your portals Pre crowdfunding candidates.
  • (a Crowd Funding global contest and video  portal)
  • (
  • (Conference and seminars)
  • (Expert sourcing CrowdFundingmentors portal)
  • (CrowdFunding: best practices)
  • -( Intranet eLearning education portal - CrowdFunding fundamentals)
  • ( Compliance and regulation)
  • coming soon
  • ( a Crowd Funding global contest and video  portal)
  • (CrowdFunding)

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