CrowdFunding help - CrowdFunding Planning Canary Smart Home Security Device Closes Just Shy of $2 Million Crowdfunded

posted Sep 2, 2013, 11:44 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Sep 5, 2013, 12:03 PM ]

Largest Amount Successfully Crowdfunded To Date on Indiegogo.

We first wrote about the Canary earlier this month because the concept was simply so cool.  The Canary Smart Home Security Device contains an HD Video Camera, Night Vision, Motion Sensors,  Temperature Monitor, Air Quality Monitor, Vibration Sensor, and Sound Sensor effectively becoming your eyes and ears for your home – when you are not at home.  And of course it connects via an App with your iPhone or Android device.  Hey if you are away on vacation and want to wake your neighbors you can remotely activate your siren.

The crowdfunding campaign launched on July 22nd and quickly caught a lot of attention.  The goal of $100,000 was Canary Most Successful Campaign on Indiegogoeasily surpassed.  The closing total stands at $1,961,494 contributed from 7,460 funders.  This makes the Canary one of the most successfully funded campaigns on the Indiegogo platform ever.  Sure the Ubuntu Edge raised over $12.8 Million but that was on a $32 Million miss.  Canary is the most successful with the Scanadu Scout in a close second at over $1.6 Million crowdfunded.  The way things are going I do not expect Canary to hold the Indiegogo title belt long but they should enjoy it while it lasts.

In a letter to backers the project organizers shared their gratitude.


With your help, we have successfully raised $1,961,892! And if you recall, we were originally aiming for $100,000, so that means we raised 1,962% of our original funding goal. Seriously, that’s just downright incredible. And what’s more, together we made history and became the most successfully funded project on Indiegogo. Ever. We can’t begin to express how grateful we are…

Check in from anywhere with CanaryThe crowdfunding campaign was professionally orchestrated with stretch goals set and contests for social sharing.  The contest rewarded those who referred the most new supporters in a given day could win a free Canary.  Rewards started at $5 for supporter status but the pretail portion kicked in at the next level of $199.00 where contributors joined the list of those who would receive some of the first Canary Smart Home Security Devices to hit this continent.

The top package was for $8,800 to receive a “Collectors Edition”, Canary number one.  Resellers could get into the crowdfunding campaign as well 10 packages for $4225 were sold out which included 25 of the devices.

The tech category is perfect for rewards based crowdfunding.  The pretail approach of product validation prior to investment has definitively proven itself as a cogent strategic approach.  Canary is at the top of Indiegogo today, but most certainly the next tech success will be soon to follow and surpass this most successfully funded project.

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