CrowdFunding forecast and sentiment 2012- 2013

posted Nov 15, 2012, 6:31 PM by David Khorram
Recently we launch a video called " What is crowdFunding ? " The goals  behind the production were;

  1. Educate our crowd of crowdFunding enthusiast . ( We educate CrowdFunding issuers with CrowdFunding  best practices )
  2. Educate our crowd's crowd . Most potential crowd investors / backers do not know  what is CrowdFunding, then video is the best and fastest way to communicate values.
  3. To find out the level of crowd interest . Well we are pleasantly surprised since we are approaching 69000 views in less than a month .
  4. To find out the power of YouTube as an effective social media campaign tool and see if it is possible to optimize the campaign's video to the 1st page of Google natural search. The answer was  "yes"  since the video and its website page got to the 1st page and naturally, we received many , many calls. ( Thanks every one :)

By now you know, CrowdFundingplanning  advocatse Google Apps and  Google business solutions as the engine of innovation leveraging CrowdFunding projects and campaigns to a higher level and ultimately to its success. 

Based our research CrowdFunding trends is in a trajectory path in 2013 and 2014 .  Then, we recommend start you campaign at least 6 months ahead . In CrowdFunding campaign, Bank loan documentation , VC and Angle investor presentation  "preparations is everything " except you have higher chance of success with CrowdFunding.