CrowdFunding Campaign and project calculator - Some will , Some wouldn't , So what , Next ........................

posted May 6, 2013, 8:31 PM by David Khorram   [ updated May 8, 2013, 7:27 PM by Sallar Khorram ]

We really like the pantheon  Project #2         campaign : Our team did an analysis that you might find it interesting .

The campaign  statistics are as follows:

A= Pledge goal $3,999
B= day's left " 18 days
C= Current backers = 47 people 
D= Total raised = $1,186.00 
E= FaceBook Likes: 115 people 

F= Need to raise : A - D =  2813
G= average investment :  D/C = $ 25.23
H = Additional investors needed :  F / G ~ 110 people 
I= Avrage daily investor : H / B = 6.1 people per day 
J= FaceBook Factor ;   D / E = 79
H = Minimum additional likes needed =  (F*E)/D =  184

1- Switch to email address have in your database , use a MailChimp Email campaign 
2- Get Your Video uploaded on YouTube, Optimize video content and add anotation referring to the campaign 
3- Define who is the "we" ( the team ) , Find who knows the team . Contact all of them 
4- Define who will be the end users / distributors Find who knows the team . Contact all of them 

Your goal with your campaign is to get people to this page. They can’t back your campaign unless they get here, so it doesn’t matter if you promote your campaign with Twitter or email or Facebook or by walking around Central Park with a sandwich board, you’re trying to get them here. If not, well, your campaign is going to fail. Once people get here, the laws of Facebook use take over. These “Likes” are not people who like your fan page or you or whatever. These are people who “Like” the campaign page itself. So it’s probably the best measurement we’ve got on how many engaged eyeballs a campaign was able to attract.

Contact any groups that you may know ( Church , soccer , baseball team, or old collage body ), get the phone book out and start making calls , share your story .

Try to find the similar campaign in  ( , Go to the successful ones an access their backers . Build a database and do your best to reach them and ask for their support. .

You know we all foot prints in Social Media ..

Just Rememebr SW, SW, SW next .

So will , Some wouldn't , So what , Next ........................

The Pantheon Project - Issue #2