Can get Crowd Funding validations to lower the cost and time ?

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I was asked how we can get Crowd Funding validations to lower the cost and time of Crowd Funding experience.

1- Give 10 of your Friends a self stamped envelopes and ask them to write you their honest opinion. Some our clients do not even get two people investing in their multimillion dollar idea. If family and Friends do not come , then that should be a sign
2- You know about the Pet Rock that sold for million . I guess if you ask your friends and family about your idea marketing and selling regular rocks to people you might get funny looks , Then you need to ask the crowd. You can use
2a- Soft launching :
3-Hard launching :
4- Or just get idea validation by launch validation websites like:

3 Just CrowdFund your idea and see what happens . ( %90 chance of failure )
If you receive 500- 1000 email addresses then , you know and if not then you have to change or upgrade . Use Internet and web as you low cost lab .

The next question is how do I get Crowd to review your portal . No Crowd, No preview , no email . This is a real live example here.

Currently We are promoting a client of ours They did not get the concept validation and did not build the crowd and just jumped into the CrwodFunding campaign with a strong product and brand ( above #4)

I would be curious though, what constitutes CrowdFunding validation?

Please see the google statistics here please have in mind that we started 40- 50 days into the campaign

Review video promotion : - close to 6000 views Kickstarter .

Having 10 days is not enough we wish we had at least 3 months .

We use the largest CrowdFunding promotion engines to accomplish the above

I hope above is detail and helpful

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