[CAL-X-Crowdfund-Connect] California Crowdfunding conference

posted May 14, 2013, 6:15 PM by David Khorram

This is an event that could actually really help you raise substantial new capital for your business. Up to $5 million. This is a must attend event with the leading authorities on California Qualification by Permit Legal Equity Crowdfunding TODAY in California. Bruce Methven is flying down from Berkeley to present. Leonhardt Vineyards brand new Chardonnay release will be served at the reception.

Sponsored by:

Startup California - www.startupcalifornia.org - Helping foster startup ecosystems in California working with the Startup America Partnership and Startup Weekend. Develop your business plan. Hone your pitch. Get your web site and social media campaign right. Get crowdfunded. Land angel financing. Land venture capital financing. Market your product. Grow sales. Export!

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Cal-X Crowdfund Connect - www.calxcrowdfund.com Is committed to be the premier equity crowdfunding portal and service provider in California teamed with EquityNet + Crowdfunder.com and others. We are leaders in California Qualification by Permit $5 million offerings and expanded 506D offerings of up to $50 million teamed with a registered broker dealer partner and Methvenlaw. Far more than just an ordinary crowdfunding portal we comprehensively nurture companies in every aspect of growth.

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