Best parctices How to Make a Movie: Lessons From a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

posted Feb 20, 2013, 8:52 AM by David Khorram
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Nearly a year ago, Dom Portalla wanted to make a movie. Instead of scrounging for funds, the director/cinematographer from Boston’s Door Eleven Productions decided toturn to Indiegogo to crowdfund his film, “Nicky.”

And it worked. Tonight marks the Boston premiere of “Nicky,” a short film about a man seeking revenge for his brother, made possible by nearly $5,000 in donations from about 50 Indiegogo users.

With hours to go before the public screening, Portalla admits their foray into crowdfunding was a “test.” A test, that fortunately for the cast and crew of the film, happened to work.

As Portalla discussed with BostInno last spring, Indiegogo is an appealing platform because it allows campaginers to keep all the money raised, regardless of whether or not they reach their fundraising goal.

Just shy of their $5,000 goal, Portalla decided to push ahead with the film, noting that the budget was still “modest.”

“The outcome affected the amount of crew we could staff for each shoot, the locations we could acquire and the craft services we could procure,” he said. “On a budget like ours, lobster is definitely not on the menu.”

While crowdfunding may seem like a tool to just fund your dreams, Portalla’s experience with the platform made him realize it’s about more than just the money.

“I learned that it is an incredible platform not only for funding, but for expanding your network,” he said.

“What’s important to realize is that crowdfunding is bigger than just your own campaign; you are in a boat with a lot of others raising money for projects ranging from artistic to lifesaving. A retweet costs nothing, nor does a few encouraging words of support. If you’re not engaging with those in the community, you’re missing out on an enormous part of the process.”

Portalla offers a simple nugget of advice for those looking to crowdfund their own project: “Donate and share info about other campaigns as much as possible–share the love!”

You can check out the premiere of “Nicky” at the Kendall Square Cinema at 8:30 p.m. on Thursday. Click here for tickets, and following along on Twitter with the hashtag #WeMissYouNicky

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