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When Oliver Housknecht gave $25 to virtual reality headset maker Oculus VR through crowdfunding website Kickstarter two years ago, he wanted to help a startup grow into a larger, independent company. Instead, Oculus became part of one.

Housknecht was shocked about two weeks ago when Oculus announced it was selling itself to social media company Facebook for $2 billion. He was one of many backers who helped it raise more than $2.4 million through Kickstarter in 2012.

He wants his money back.

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CrowdFunding The Real Reason

CrowdFunding is more than just raising money and providing a product. Its about creating a following for an upcoming brand or service. It is important for people to realize that an individual CrowdFunding Campaign is a one time deal. Although some one can relaunch a campaign each campaign has a start and an end. The real goal is to become known as a trustworthy brand that can resell or create more products to a purchasing audience. 

Although in this case Oculus sold to Facebook, the backers still received their perks. This goes to show that a small start-up company can become a large entity almost over night. CrowdFunding is the dream of being able to create a large footprint and become well known. For the backers is the feeling of helping the underdog become a success. For Oculus this is a dream that came true.

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