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Guys, the 2013 report by the World Bank on Crowdfunding was just released, and it is quite an eye opener. Here is a link to the full report: http://www.infodev.org/infodev-files...report-v12.pdf

It's very long, and make an awesome read, however I will give some of the stats and etails below that really stood out to me:

Key Points of World Bank Crowdfunding Report:
- The developing world has the potential to leapfrog developed countries.
- Crowdfunding has emerged as a multibillion-dollar global industry.
- By leveraging technology, crowdfunding can serve as an enabling mechanism for new venture formation, job creation and inclusive economic growth.
- The single most predictive factor for the rate of Crowdfund emergence is social media penetration.
- After 7 years of Equity Crowdfunding in Australia, there has been very very little fraud reported.
- High net worth does not always equate to high financial IQ.

Interesting Stats and Predictions:

- In the Developing World alone, by 2025 there could be up to $93 billion in funds available annually for crowdfunding investments. $50 billion alone in China. This equates to 180% of Global Venture Capital Investments currently!
- From an income perspective, 240-344 million developing country households could participate in crowdfunding.
- Crowdfunding has expanded at a 63% annual compounded rate from 2009-2012, and shows no signs of slowing up it's pace.
- 91% Increase in equity based crowdfunding platforms in North America in 2012
- Out of 43,193 different projects funded on Kickstarter, there has only been 4 reported cases of possible fraud. This represents a 0.01% fraud rate.

- Total Crowdfund Investing Platforms Per CountryUS - 344
UK - 87
France - 53
Netherlands - 34
Germany - 26
Canada - 34
Australia - 12
India - 10

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