What is your CrowdFunding Score?

The following questionnaire is based on hundreds of hours of phone calls, video development & analyses and Professional interviews.

We have collected, organized and are sharing the results with you in support of the perpetual process of perfecting the Best Practices Process.  
We believe innovation and your success is the best solution to our global challenges and problem resolution processes.. 

We also believe in Opens Systems.  What Linux (an open UNIX system) does for the Internet and Google, and changed IBM, DEC, HP.. Etc. (Closed systems), Crowd Funding, an open system,  will change our closed Banking and Capital Formation systems. 

A CrowdFunding Campaign is a milestone, and it is an investment of time & hard work,  which at the same time is extremely satisfying and rewarding.

CrowdFund your dream 

Regardless of the level of success of any one Campaign, the good work and diligent effort to build a trusted and loyal "Crowd"  that embraces and supports your Innovative Business Concept,  will repeatedly return valuable input, continuously measurable support, directional guidance and potentially high volume Capital formation support. 

Please take ten (10) minutes or so, to thoughtfully and accurately respond this questioner covering the essential aspects of your Innovative idea, it's Value Proposition and the potentials and directions you desire to drive forward with it. Our mentors will review it and analyze your objectives, and get back with you with a professional assessment  in the form of a score and advisory comments. This service is free of cost to you, yet brings tremendous benefit and clarity to the Innovative Business endeavor and it's Capital Formation Process.

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