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The information and networking age has allowed people to connect like never before.  There has never been a better time in history to be an innovator.  Crowdfunding and tools like the internet, social media, cloud computing, and mobile devices have made it easier than ever for innovators to succeed.  It is now possible to directly pitch ideas to the masses for support in an unprecedented scale. 

But even with all the technological advances, you still need funds and  crowdfunding know-how.  Crowdfunding Planning has developedt crowdfunding knowldgeshare  and  framework to help innovators know “how” to reach and engage the crowd.

Whether your idea is in the ideation phase, design phase or it’s ready to be introduced to the market - Crowdfunding Planning has the team and network of crowdfunding mentors and coaches who can assist you.

What you accomplish before your crowdfunding campaign launch makes all the difference.  The path to achieving your crowd funding goal is not a straight line from A to B – it’s a series of strategic events that can create the best environment for success.  Therefore, we create individual campaigns that operate within a proprietary 7-Part CrowdFunding Planning Framework, which allows for fluid campaign growth.

Crowfunding Planning offers a variety of services to help you reach your funding goal.   You can hire us to do a specific task like, concept evaluation, building a campaign model, or crowd building.  We can be your crowdfunding consultant and perform our full spectrum of services and actively work with you to execute your campaign strategy.  Or we can advise you on how to execute your campaign tasks on your own – it’s all up to you.   Regardless of our level of involvement, rest assured you will always receive our outstanding service and unparalleled value. 

Experience, ingenuity, dedication commitment to excellence and confidentiality .  These are the cornerstones of service we give to our clients.

So, what is your greate idea about?  The crowd is growing and Crowdfunding Planning is here to help you reach them.

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