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You are in the right place:

If you want to have successful CrowdFunding Campaign, you've come to the right place.

If you are a qualified business adviser, mentor or consultant  to SMBs, Entrepreneurs and Start-upsYou've come to the right place.

You can register for membership in the CrowdFundingplanning based on valid business credentials and invitation.

To qualify, you must:

  • Be the primary Entrepreneur, Founder, Co-Founder, Owner or Controlling Shareholder of a company in  the United States.
  • Register with Dun and Bradstreet. (Mentors and Consultants only)
  • Register with  CrowdFunding Planning.
  • Be willing to collaborate utilizing the prevalent underling technolgy tools  (Google Apps account) with CrowdFundingplanning within the  secure collaboration and communication requirements   

Why Google Apps account is a must?

To build and launch a successful fundraising campaign one needs to employ the new collaborative Web 2.0 tools.  The term "CrowdFunding"  starts with the word "Crowd",  thus building, maintaining, collaborating and managing your Crowd with the technology tools is fundamentally necessary.. We have experimented and built numerous business ecosystem support environments, (e.g. "Crowds) with the pioneering Google Apps for Business and its Cloud Enabled technology tools since 2007.  We have developed many of  the enhanced tools and business grade applications, while mastering the techniques and skills necessary via the Google Certification Processes.  Implementing the Google Fabric as the leverage to launch your CrowdFunding Campaign is the most economical, functionally rich, and fully integrated technology from which to manage the building of your Enterprise with a solid and expandable foundation.

Application Process:

  1. Prospective members must first apply for  CrowdFundingplanning  membership, ensuring they meet the Entrepreneurs' membership criteria.
  2. After a thorough examination of your business/entrepreneur credentials, you will be notified of your acceptance to CrowdFundingPlanning membership and eligibility to utilize the vast well of business support, mentoring and preparation resources.
  3. When accepted,  you will gain access to 
  • Free access to CrowdFundingPlanning - Business Road Map Portal (prelude documentation CrowdFunding applications)
  • Free access to CrowdFundingBest Practices information, guidance and review successful campaigns 
  • Free access to Community's Social Media Group and a wide variety of other exclusive benefits
  • Free access to the Business Directory of CrowdFunding Expert members including business/entrepreneur focused:

        • Attorneys (Business legal structuring)
        • Accountants and CPA's
        • Business Plan Development Professionals 
        • Coaches, mentors and consultants
        • Patent, Trademark, Copywrite and Intellectual Property Counsel
        • CrowdFunding mentors and advisors with successful track records 
        • Marketing - website designers
        • Marketing - Graphic arts and  logo designers
        • Marketing - Social media experts- Crowd builders
        • Government funded mentors 
        • Discounted ticket  for crowdfunding conferences (Http:// )


Members pay a membership due in one annual payment. Dues are currently:

  • Participating and active members fee: $ 99.00 ( entrepreneur, founder, co-founder, owner or controlling shareholder )
  • None participating member fee: $ 250.00 ( entrepreneur, founder, co-founder, owner or controlling shareholder ) 
  • Participating and active  Crowdfunding experts fee: $ 299.00 Mentors and consultants
  • None  Participating and none active Crowdfunding expert's fee:  $ 949.00   Mentors and consultants

Why Sponsorship and Membership dues?

CrowdFundingplanning is the largest and most important source of funding is you - our members. We and our CrowdFuning experts are able to bring comprehensive, unbiased Crowd Funding knowledge, coverage, content, know how, how to's, news and Legislative definitions/laws and requirements because members like you have shown their support. When you become a yearly Sustainer, you're also ensuring the future success of. We;
  • CrowdFundingRlanning  relies on the contributions of our members, which are generally the most reliable revenue source regardless of the economic climate. Sponsorship from CrowdFunding Professional Service providers,  local companies and organizations (also known as corporate sponsorship or business support) is the second largest source of support to  CrowdFundingplanning.
  • CrowdFundingplanning   receive support from several sources, including: 
    • Crowdfunding contributions,
    • Corporate sponsorship,
    • In-kind and direct support from universities 
    • Foundation grants and major gifts
    • State and local governments 

What is a participating versus non-participating members ?

To build and maintain the CrowdFundingPlanning Ecosystem as thorough, complete and continuously updated content resource, we would like to change and make the passive, none participating blog and content readers and video watchers  into participating members and  contributing to content, blogs, videos, constructive recommendation. Naturally, we reward   CrowdFundingplanning   Participating and active members which add value to our portal.

In case  CrowdFundingplanning. Experts  Mentors and consultants), we are counting  on participating and active members'  participation and communications via content, video conferencingconferences and seminars.

Get Started!

Complete your registration If you have any questions and would like to speak to an CrowdFundingplanning,  submit an interest or question and we will be in touch.

NoteMember Benefits are subject to change without notice. Unless noted otherwise, discounts and benefits may not be combined with other offers provided by participating organizations. For the most complete event details, telephone, e-mail, or check all participating organization web sites. We do not offer or infer any investment advice, legal guidance or recommendations.