How to run a successful CrowdFunding campaign using Google Applications 

Entrepreneurs, StartUp's and SMB's usually have a limited budget, but they need the best of Information technology available.  State of art Cloud Based Information Technology and Business Apps can leverage CrowdFunding efforts for Pre launch, launch and post launch (operation, fulfillment, Go to market...etc. ) To a higher level.

  1. For a Successful CrowdFunding Campaign (SCC), you need to operate in Networking Age, not in the Information Age:
    • Information Age focused on "content "- Web 1.0
    • Networking Age is all about  "the relationship" & the "Relevant Crowd"- Web 2.0
  2. The word "Crowd" comes before Funding" in the CrowdFunding Environment.. 
  3. In CrowdFunding you need to connect with your "physical crowd" and expand that to new "Virtual Crowds" of Loyal, Enthusiastic and Fund raising supporters.  Not a bank or the traditional funding institutions, who is not supporting & funding the Innovative Business Community. 
  4. Your Crowd, includes both your Physical and Virtual Crowds.
  5. Your Physical Crowd (100s- 1000s)  includes,  but is not limited to:
    • You
    • Your family
    • Your Friends
    • Your Friends' friend
    • Your Colleagues 
    • Everybody you can talk, email and even mail
  6. Your Virtual crowds  (1000s to 1,0000,000s)   include  but not limited to:
    • Your Social Media, blog and network crowds
    • Your ExpertSourced crowds 
    • Your crowd of computers - Your cloud computing power
  7. To fully access Virtual Crowds and build a successful CrowdFunding campaign  you need the knowledge and know how about Business Process CrowdSourcing (BPC) which includes but not limited to :
    • Crowd Sourcing (human) 
    • ExpertSourcing  (human) 
    • CloudSourcing (computer hardware and networks) 
  8.  The tool to utilize  Business Process Crowd Sourcing (BPC) is CloudSouring,  Cloud Computing power and its experts.
  9. The best, largest, most diversified and low cost  CloudSouring Engine in the world is Google. This allows you to operate in Networking Age and communicate and collaborate in order to build the relationships to establish your Crowd Capital. 
  10. To integrate and take advantage of Crowd Sourcing, Expert Sourcing  and Cloud Sourcing, you need to contact CrowdFundingPlanning.
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